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Watch a trailer that introduces historical facts that until now were known only to the Godfathers within the Sicilian Mafia
The Cosa Nostra Commissions ruled over the mafia from the 1930s through the 1980s
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The Torbitt file is one of the most precise accounts of the killing of an America President, John F. Kennedy to date
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The film trailer accessible below introduces historical facts that until now were known only to the Godfathers within the Sicilian Mafia.  The control the Sicilian Mafia had over American politics and big business from the 1930s to the 1980s was stronger than has ever been revealed to the public.  American history as we know it is incomplete without a full accounting of the enormous power the Mafia held over this country during that period.
More new information is revealed about the Mafia in this ten-minute trailer than in most full-length documentaries on the subject.  This trailer shows only a small part of the history that will be revealed within a new, multi-part series, The Sicilian Mafia in America.

One of the primary sources for the information presented in these films is Daniel Torbitt. "Daniel Torbitt" is an alias chosen by this source to show solidarity with the William Torbitt Document, a document that unequivocally identifies the mafia controlled co-conspirators involved in the assassination of JFK.  Daniel Torbitt was an insider within the Sicilian Mafia for much of his life.  His access to an extensive archive of mafia documents is remarkable. When Mr. Torbitt came forward and agreed to participate in this film series it became apparent just how little was previously known about the Sicilian Mafia's machinations against America.  Our mutual goal is to produce an accurate accounting of this history.
The Sicilian Mafia in America
Our long-term association with Daniel Torbitt has been very informative.  Had his view of history been simply another Mafia conspiracy theory, we would have excused ourselves from this project long ago.  But Mr. Torbitt has proven himself to be truthful and impressive in his determination to set the record straight through careful re-examination of America's democracy through the eyes of a Mafia insider.  This new film series, The Sicilian Mafia in America, is the cornerstone of that effort.  The first film will cover the timeline from Prohibition to the assassination of JFK. We have begun the research to expand the history to present-day, producing a minimum of three full-length documentaries.

Previous films like Goodfellas have centered on a single criminal outfit, and perhaps unwittingly reinforced the Mafia’s own propaganda machine, designed to deflect serious research into the true history of the overall organization.  This new documentary series will reveal the entire organization and its significant influence on American politics, business, and society.  Historians, journalists, politicians, law enforcement officials, and organized crime leaders will be interviewed ensuring that this film series will be the most complete history of the Sicilian Mafia in America ever produced.
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